Offering Support and Training
for You and Your Dog
Alaska — adopted September 2003
Alaska lived most of her first 3 yrs of life outdoors by
herself. A family who knew this was no way for any pet to
live rescued her from this situation and contacted us to
help find her a permanent home. Being the cutie she is,
it didn't take long to find her a good home. Alaska now
has a house to live in, a yard to play in, 2 cats for
company and goes jogging every morning.
Alpine — adopted September 2003
Alpine was 12 yrs old when his owner brought him to the animal clinic to be put to sleep.
There was nothing physically wrong with Alpine nor did he have any behavior problems.
As a matter of fact, he was a great dog. It seems the owner's husband had developed
severe allergies to Alpine, and they couldn't find anyone to take him in. Fortunately, the
folks at the clinic knew to call rescue before ending this guy's life. And as luck would have
it, we just happened to have an application from someone who wanted to adopt an older
dog. We told them Alpine's story, they went to meet him, fell in love, and took Alpine to
live the rest of his years with them in their home.
Angel — adopted May 2003
If ever a dog needed rescuing, it was Angel. Left alone for 10-12 hours a day, in a crate,
Angel would occasionally have an accident. Her owner's found her "disgusting" and
couldn't wait to "get rid of her". We were more than happy to rescue this poor little girl.
We brought her into a foster home where she received the much-needed exercise and
training she never had. Then we found her a home with caring people that would
understand her, give her the attention she needed and continue with her training. Angel
now lives a life filled with love and activity, and a Westie named Jamie.
Aspen – adopted May 2006
Aspen needed a new home.  His owner described him as a wonderful dog: young &
healthy, non-destructive, good with kids, dogs & cats.  When I sent a volunteer over to
evaluate Aspen, she felt a connection and ended up taking Aspen into her home
where he lives now with his big brother (eskie) Juno.
Barry — adopted April 2004
Barry was found on the side of the road, obviously hit by a car. He was nursed back to
health at an animal clinic that contacted us to find him a home. In his foster home he
proved to be quite a handful, so he got bounced around a bit before ending up on an
airplane to Massachusetts. Here he has found a forever home with a wonderful man and
another eskie, Rocky.
Bart — adopted January 2005
Bert was found tied up outside a police station in Chicago. We can only imagine
how he got to be there - filthy and matted. He was taken to a clinic where he
was cleaned up, brought up to date on his shots & neutered. He stayed at the
clinic for a while before getting into a foster home and then finally getting
adopted. He is now the third eskie living with the owners of Soggy Paws, a pet
shop and dog wash in Chicago.
Baxter - adopted December 2005
Baxter had been happily living with his original owners for 4 years when a new
baby came into the house.  The baby had a tracheotomy, so Baxter could no
longer be in the house.  After a year of living outside, the owner finally contacted
us to help.  We got Baxter into a foster home where he was very happy to be
back indoors and with a family that loved him.  And because he is so happy in his
foster home, his foster mom decided Baxter should stay with them forever.
Ben - adopted November 2006
When I first saw Ben (a Samoyed) he was a filthy mess sitting in a shelter.  
The shelter staff let me take him to a groomer, get him cleaned up and I put
a nice ad on Petfinder for him.  He got adopted, but the people had a hard
time managing him.  Rather than going back to the shelter, I took Ben in as a
foster.  The couple that adopted Riley last year met Ben on one of our eskie
walks.  They took a liking to him and said they would like to adopt him.  It was
a match made in heaven and the four of them are one happy family now.
Blizzard — adopted November 2003
Blizzard was brought to a shelter at just 8 weeks old. She was in pretty bad shape, but
the caring folks at the shelter nursed her back to health. When she was ready for
adoption, they asked for our help to find her a new home. Because of Blizzard's
special needs, it took a while, but the most wonderful family came forward to take her
into their home. Blizzard has 2 young boys and fellow canine (Kodiak) to play with and
a home to grow old in.
Blizzard — adopted August 2004
This little pup came into rescue after a young couple that bought him from a breeder
discovered they didn't have the time to care for a puppy. Because he was so young,
we kept him in foster care to make sure he was healthy and get him his first puppy
shot. Once he was up for adoption, it wasn't long before a terrific family sent in their
application. Blizzard has a great home now, with lots of activity, people to play with
and neighboring dogs to romp with.
Brock – adopted December 2005
Brock needed a new home because his owner suddenly found herself working two
jobs.  Being a young, energetic eskie, Brock had to be crated while no one was
home which was most of the time.  The owner knew this wasn't right and was all too
happy when we said we could find Brock a new home.  In no time at all a terrific
family applied to adopt Brock.  The interview went well and Brock was off to his new
home with a mom, a dad, and twin 9 yr old boys.
Buddy – adopted January 2005
Buddy was part of an eskie family for which we were asked to help find homes. The
owner had bred him and Snowball and had their 2 male pups, Ody and Toby. Due
to a change in jobs he needed to find a home for all four of them fast. All the dogs
were young and friendly and it didn't take long.  Buddy has a great new family that
includes two other eskies for company.
Annie – adopted March 2006
Annie was picked up by a local animal control officer from a neglectful situation.  
Although she was 15 yrs old, she was healthy and spunky and so they asked for our
help in finding her a new home.  As luck would have it, we had an application from
someone who took a special delight in taking in the senior dogs.    In a follow up he
wrote that Annie brought him more joy and happiness than he could have hoped for.
Apollo – adopted October 2005
Apollo lost his home when his owner’s 4 yr old son developed severe allergies
to him. The owners tried shelters and other rescue groups but couldn't find
anyone to take Apollo. Feeling there was no other choice they took him to the
vet to be put to sleep, but the vet couldn't do it. They found this rescue group
and fortunately I was home to take the call. I was able to reach a volunteer
who could take him in that afternoon. Apollo settled into his foster home
without a hitch and before long moved on to a permanent home.
Arthur — adopted September 2004
Arthur lost his home when his owners lost theirs. They had to move in with relatives
that already had 2 dogs - and Arthur was the odd dog out. He was lucky his owners
searched out a rescue group to help, and has landed himself a great new forever
home. His new family has a mom & dad, 2 kids, and a huge extended family all of
which are delighted to have him join the group.
Billy - adopted May 2007
Billy was picked up as a stray and ended up at an over-crowded city shelter.  
They asked if I could help, so I put an urgent message on Petfinder saying
Billy needed a home fast. A woman who had just lost her eskie saw Billy's
face and read his story which was all it took.  She contacted me saying she
wanted to adopt Billy. The arrangements were made and Billy got a home.
Brittany - adopted March 2008
Brittany's owner had to give her up for adoption when she started babysitting her
grandchild. Not being used to children, Brittany had a hard time making the
adjustment.  We were fortunate to find the perfect home for Brittany.  Just a few
days after being adopted her new owner wrote: "Brittany has already brought me so
much happiness.  She's a wonderful companion dog."