Offering Support and Training
for You and Your Dog
Casper — adopted May 2004
Casper had been seen wandering around a Lake
Michigan harbor for a few weeks. The person who
noticed him asked around, put up posters, and finally
took Casper home with him. Because the family already
had quite a few pets, they contacted us to find a home
for Casper. Being such a good, happy dog, this didn't
take long at all. Casper is now living with a retired
couple who lead active lives. He has lots of visiting
company and goes for walks in the park every day.
Chalkie - adopted January 2005
Chalkie lost his original home because his owner could not deal with the shedding. He
lost his next home because the people could not deal with his energy level. Finally the
perfect home came along. Chalkie now enjoys trips to the forest preserve where he can
run off leash almost everyday with his canine roommate, Buddy.
CODY – adopted Jan 2006
Cody’s first home was with an older person who realized they did not have the time and
energy to keep up with him. He went into the Heartbandits rescue program in southern IN
and then up to a foster home in IL. Once here, it was only a short time before he was
spotted on Petfinder and made the transition into yet another home, but for the last time.
Cody is now very happy in his forever home. He has toys galore, goes for walks every
day and has another dog to keep him company.
Dakota — adopted April 2003
Dakota's original owner wanted to find her a new home because she felt Dakota was not
happy in their busy home. When a family who wanted a smaller eskie requiring less
activity contacted us, we knew right away Dakota was the dog for them. This same family
also adopted Sophie in Nov '03. So the 2 little seniors have each other for
companionship and a wonderful home filled with love.
Dakota Cooper— adopted October 2004
Dakota (FNA Zak) had been bouncing around a few homes and a couple of shelters before
a very caring person adopted him. She was devasted when she realized she was allergic to
Dakota. Determined to find him a permanent home, she contacted us to help. We found
Dakota a terrific home with a great family to love and 3 other dogs to be buddies with.
DALLAS – adopted Jan 2006
Dallas was picked up as a stray in KY and taken to the local AC. From there he was
rescued by the southern IN chapter of HB. When it was time for that chapter director to go
on vacation, we agreed to take Dallas up here. We had a pre-approved applicant that saw
Dallas’ picture and knew right away that was the dog for him. Dallas is one happy boy now
that he is back in a home again.
Dexter - adopted December 2005
Dexter's owner was moving and could not take him with. Because Dexter was a happy,
friendly dog, it did not take long to find him a great home. He now gets to go for walks
everyday and has a canine buddy named Charlie to pal around with.
Dudley — adopted March 2004
Dudley spent nearly a year and a half in foster homes before catching the eye of a very
special family. They couldn't resist his outstanding looks and were willing to give the extra
energy they knew it would take to get him settled in. Dudley now enjoys daily walks, romping
in a fenced yard and plenty of undivided attention in his well deserved forever home.
Duncan — adopted November 2003
Duncan is one of the more amazing success stories. He was picked up as a stray and
brought to a shelter where they had him scheduled to be put to sleep simply because the
shelter was full. We got him out of there and into a foster home where he proved himself to
be just the perfect dog. In no time at all we found him a new home where he lives like a king.
Dylan — adopted September 2004
Dylan's owner was moving from a house to a condo and didn't want to take him with, so he
asked us to find him a new home. After waiting patiently, the perfect family finally came
along. Dylan now lives in a house that has a big fenced yard, lots of trees, and plenty of
squirrels for his entertainment.
Essie — adopted Summer 2004
After 12 yrs of living with one family, Essie found herself in need of a new home. With
her cute face and sad story posted to petfinder, a very kind hearted soul responded
that she would like to adopt Essie. The Heartbandits team pulled together some
volunteers and managed to get Essie from her former home in Michigan to her new
home in Illinois. Essie goes for walks every day and has a fellow eskie (Casper - also
adopted thru us) to keep her company.
Hagar — adopted January 2005
Hagar (FNA Glacier) needed a new home With one owner away at work and the other
incapacitated, Hagar had to spend most of his days in a crate. They knew this was no
life for him and asked if we could help. Because Hagar isn't real receptive of people he
doesn't know, we weren't sure if we would be able to find someone to befriend him. It
took a while, but the right person finally came along. He seemed to have a magical
connection with Hagar from the start. After just one meeting, Hagar went with his new
owner to his forever home which he shares with 10 cats that keep him entertained.
Happy – adopted April 2005
This poor little girl got shuffled thru a few homes before she landed in her forever
home. In her original home she was called Angel. That home caught fire and the
displaced family gave her up to rescue. In her next home she was renamed Shadow.
After two years she lost that home when her owner changed his lifestyle and she no
longer fit in. Now named Happy, she is loved by a wonderful family with a sweet little
three year old daughter who adores her.
Heidi – adopted October 2005
Heidi was bounced around thru a few foster homes and almost landed back in a
shelter. Thanks to one of our volunteers who happened to be in the right place at the
right time, that didn’t happen. Once in our rescue program, we found Heida a forever
home with a great lady who takes Heidi to the shop where she works every day. Heidi
greats all the customers with a wagging tail and a cheerful bark hello.
Frosty — adopted September 2004
Every adoption should be as easy as Frosty's was. Frosty's owner contacted us
explaining that as good a dog as Frosty was, she couldn't keep up with his energy level.
She has an 18 mo old baby now and the next one due in less than 2 months. On our
waiting list was a family that knew all about the eskie energy, and was looking for a
second dog and playmate for their also very energetic lab. We had the two of them
meet and let the magic happen. Frosty made the transition without a problem, and his
new family is thrilled to have him.
Gage - adopted August 2006
I found Gage stuck in a cage at a local animal shelter.  When I went to see her,
the staff warned me that she wouldn’t come to me.  They said she had spent the
whole weekend afraid of all the people and huddled in the back of her kennel.  
When I got to her, I knelt down, opened the kennel door and she came running
into my arms.  Needless to say, I took her home to foster her until a good home
could be found.   After many interviews, Gage finally got her forever home with a
wonderful woman and another little eskie, Misha.   
Eisha - adopted March 2008
Eisha needed a new home because her owner got divorced and the new
place he choose to live at did not accept pets.  As luck would have it, I just
happened to know an eskie friend who recently lost one of his dogs to old
age.  When he wrote me of her passing, he said he did not need another
dog, but if one needed him he had a place in his home.
CHARLIE – adopted Nov 2008
Charlie was taken into a foster home
when his original owner decided she
could not deal with the energy level
and shedding of an 8 month old eskie
Cherie – adopted Jan 2009