Offering Support and Training
for You and Your Dog
Max – adopted July 2005
Max lost his home because his owner was moving. He was able to stay with his owner
while we looked for a new home for him. When the right home came along, his owner took
Max to the new home to be sure he would be happy there. With a big yard, a young boy
and another dog to play with, Max was very happy.
Riley – Adopted May 2006
Riley was one of four dogs until his owner had to move in with a family member who had
three dogs. Seven dogs was just too much in the small house, so it was decided Riley
had to go. The couple we sent to meet Riley fell in love on the first visit. The
arrangements were made and Riley went to live with them. He is now very happy to
have all the attention for himself.
Nala — adopted October 2004
Nala needed a new home because her original owners found it too difficult to manage
the 3 kids and 2 dogs they had. Being the good girl that she is, we didn't have much
trouble placing her with a wonderful couple. Nala now lives in a beautiful home in
Lincoln Park where she is treated like a queen.
Natasha – adopted July 2006
When her owner died, this delightful senior girl was taken to a local vet to be put to sleep.
The vet on staff that afternoon couldn’t do it, and called us to take her into our rescue
program. Being a senior, we knew the odds were against us finding a permanent home for
Natasha, but we couldn’t turn our backs to her and we did take her into rescue. It was a
happy day when a terrific family contacted us to adopt her. Natasha made the transition
very well and has a warm and loving family that will care for her for her remaining years.
Ody (pup) — adopted December 2004
Ody was part of an eskie family we were asked to help find homes for. The owner had
bred his mom, Snowball, with his dad, Buddy, and had him and his brother Toby. Due
to a change in jobs, the owner needed to find a home for all four of them fast. All the
dogs were young and friendly and it didn't take long. Ody is very happy in his new
home where he gets lots of attention.
Peanut — adopted April 2003
Peanut was 4 yrs old when we got a call that he needed a new home. His elderly owner had
passed away and no family members were able to keep him. We found Peanut a terrific new
home where he spent the summer being the team mascot for the kid's Little League teams.
Murphy - adopted March 2005
Murphy's original owner was a young woman who moved in with her sister's family. The sister
had small children to care for and Murphy's energy was more than she could handle. We were
contacted to help find a new home for Murphy. A pre-approved applicant went to see Murphy,
the connection was made and Murphy had a new home. Murphy is one lucky dog who has
another eskie for a playmate, goes boating on Lake Michigan and on vacation to a cottage in
Madison - adopted April 2007
Madison was found as a stray by someone who
searched for her owner but couldn't find them.  Unable
to keep Madison for herself, I was asked to take her in
and find her a home.  In just a short time I found a
wonderful couple who wanted Madison.  When
Madison had been there for a few weeks they wrote
that they were having so much fun playing with
Madison, they weren't getting any of their housework
Mellow — adopted summer 2004
Mellow's family surrendered him to Animal Control because with a new baby in the house there
was no time to care for him. From Animal Control he went to Orphans of the Storm where we
spotted him and got him on petfinder for some added exposure. The very next day he got
adopted. In his new home he is treated like a king and will never have to worry about losing his
home again.
Molly and Mandy – adopted August 2005
Molly and Mandy are 7 yr old sisters that lost their home when their owner had a second
child and no longer had time to care for them. Because they had always been together, we
wanted to adopt them out together, knowing it would be hard. It really didn't take long
before we were contacted by a woman interested in adopting both Molly and Mandy. A
meeting was set up. Molly and Mandy immediately won over their prospective adopter with
their sparkling personalities. There was no doubt this was a good match and they went to
their new home that same day.
Marshall - adopted October 2007
Marshall has been through a few homes in his life, so we are very happy to
say he is now in his forever home and will never be shuffled thru a shelter
again.  He has a great home with another eskie, Linus, and the two of them
get to go to the dog park for a run everyday.
Nina - adopted March 2008
Just another sad story, Nina was dropped off at an over crowded city shelter because her
owner was ill and could no longer care for her.  Nina was in pretty bad shape, and if I had
not taken her, Nina would have been put to sleep.  But I did save her, nursed her back to
good health and found the perfect home for her.  Being an older dog, Nina appreciates
the quiet home she has and is soaking up all the love she gets there.
Milo — adopted January 2009
Milo lost his home because his family had to move and their new home did not
allow pets.  He is a happy, healthy guy and it didn't take long at all to find him a
wonderful home.  Milo loved playing with the dogs when he was here, so his new
owner brings him by for an occasional play date.