Offering Support and Training
for You and Your Dog
Sami — adopted January 2002
Sami's original owner of 5 yrs could no longer keep her and asked for our help. When
she first arrived, she was very frightened. The most wonderful family took Sami into their
home, got her the medical attention she needed, and worked on her social skills and her
potty habits. Today she is a happy girl whose favorite game is "Toss the Sock". She has
2 great kids and her buddy Simba to play with and keep her company.
Selina — adopted November 2004
Selina needed a new home that was a little less hectic than where she was. With four small
kids and an active family, she was a nervous wreck. In just a short time, her Petfinder ad
was answered by a woman that had a much quieter house and big heart. When Selina
arrived at her potential new home, she walked right in, jumped up on the couch and made
herself at home. It was easy to see Selina was happy and had found a new home.
Sage – adopted February 2005
Sage came into rescue because her owners were moving out
of state and couldn't take her with. She had many people
interested in her, but none that we felt were the right home.
Finally, the perfect home came along. Sage now lives with two
woman who work opposite schedules so she get lots of
attention. There is also a resident cat that is happy to have
Sage as a companion.
Shelby - adopted March 2005
Shelby is one of several dogs we have rescued from Chicago Anti Cruelty. Because the
city shelter can not refuse to take in any dog, they are very over crowded. At 7 yrs old,
the staff knew Shelby's chances for adoption were slim. Rather than risk her getting put
to sleep, they called us to come get her. We found Shelby to be a sweet, friendly dog
and she was soon off to her forever home.
Shayna – adopted June 2006
When Shayna’s elderly owners were no longer able to care for her, they contacted us to
see if we could find her a new place to live. Being 8 yrs old, it took a while before it
happened, but a wonderful young couple finally came along. They fell in love with
Shayna at their first meeting. Shayna is very happy in her new home where she has
become quite the social butterfly.
Simon — adopted June 2002
Simon was in and out of the same shelter twice before he was even 9 months old! Not
wanting to continue to bounce him around, the shelter asked for our help in finding him a
permanent home. It wasn't long before Simon went to his forever home where he is a
regular social butterfly. He loves to travel with his owner to visit family and friends in town
and out of town.
Snowflake - adopted November 2005
Snowflake needed a new home because her current owner was an elderly woman (going
on 90!) who could no longer give Snowflake the care she needed. Snowflake was in
desperate need of a trip to the vet and the groomer. One of our volunteers was intrigued
by the situation and went to meet Snowflake. He realized her predicament, and took her
home for vetting and grooming. Snowflake was such a good girl, he and Hagar, the
resident dog, decided she should stay.
Snow White — adopted December 2002
Snow White was brought into an animal clinic by someone claiming to be her owner.
He pulled the classic "Can you watch my dog while I run out to the car" and never
returned. The contact information he filled out on the client info sheet was phony,
so there sat Snow White. The folks at the clinic gave her the medical attention she
needed and asked us to help find her a home. Being the sweet girl she was, it didn't
take long before she was in her forever home.
Skipper — adopted August 2004
Skipper's owners were moving and weren't able to take him with. Lucky for Skipper
he lived next door to the American Eskimo Dog Rescue. They asked if we could
help, so we got his picture on petfinder and within a week had him a new home.
Snowball Davis – adopted April 2006
Snowball came into rescue because he didn’t have the patience to deal with all the
children in the home where he was living. He was a little scared going to his new
home, but in no time at all he made himself at home. In his new home he has just
one visiting child who is very respectful of Snowball so they get along just fine.
Snowball Kirshner— adopted May 2004
Snowball was found wandering a construction site with another little male eskie. A concerned person
took them home and tried to find their owner. No one came forward to claim the dogs, so the family
decided one dog could stay and contacted us to find the other dog a home. This didn't take long,
because Alaska's owner had been waiting patiently to adopt a playmate for her. Snowball is living
happily in his new home with lots of toys, a fenced yard and Alaska to play with all day long.
Snowball Staller — adopted December 2004
Snowball was part of an eskie family we were asked to help find homes for. The
owner had bred her and Buddy and had their 2 male pups, Ody and Toby. Due to a
change in jobs he needed to find a home for all four of them fast. All the dogs were
young and friendly and it didn't take long. Snowball is very happy in her new home
where she is showered with attention (and a little spoiled).
Snowie – adopted April 2005
Snowie’s owner was an elderly lady who went into a nursing home and then died. A relative
took care of Snowie for a while, but she worked long hours during which Snowie had to stay
in a crate. Realizing Snowie needed a better home, the caretaker turned her in to the local
Humane Society. From there she made her way into the rescue program where she found a
great, new home.
Sophie — adopted November 2003
Sophie found herself needing a new home when her original owner had to go into a nursing
home. Being almost 12 years old, we knew it could take some time to adopt her out. So we
brought Sophie into foster care and found out what an active, adorable little girl she was.
We introduced her to a family who enjoys taking in the older dogs that are so often passed
up for adoption. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. Sophie now has a forever
home that she shares with fellow eskie Dakota, also adopted thru rescue.
Speedy — adopted December 2003
Speedy was brought into a shelter as a stray and, because the shelter was full,
they asked if we could take Speedy and find him a home. He was basically a
good dog, just in need of some direction. He now has a forever home with a
great family who loves him.
UPDATED 11/17/07
I received this picture when Speedy's owner wrote to say he and his roommate
Rocky were doing just fine.
Snowy - adopted April 2005
Snowy lived his first 3 years chained up to a dog house and tormented by children. He was
"rescued" from that situation by an elderly couple who took him to their farm where he lived for 4
years as an outside dog. But then the husband had to go into a nursing home, and the wife was not
capable of getting out to the barn to feed and care for Snowy. The family contacted us to find
Snowy a new home. The challenge was that Snowy didn't like strangers and had never lived inside a
house. A caring person read Snowy's story on Petfinder and knew he could help. He lives not far
from where Snowy was. He has 18 acres of property on which is a small shed in a fenced area. He
was able to get Snowy settled in and they have become best friends.
Susie — adopted September 2006
Susie was just another lost soul at the dog pound. Fortunately, something about her
stood out to the shelter staff who contacted me to help get her out of the shelter and into
a home. We were lucky to have a foster home available, and I was able to find someone
to pick Susie up at the shelter. When she came to her foster home, Susie seemed sad
and lethargic. Her coat was a mess and her foster mom thought she might feel better if
she got cleaned up. It turned out her coat was so matted it was restricting her movement.
After getting a bath and having her coat shaved off, Susie was like a new dog. She could
run and play and was happy again. Susie was adopted just a short time later and the
woman that has her says she is the most wonderful companion she ever could have
hoped for.
Shiloh - adopted January 2008
Shiloh was just 8 mos old when her owner realized she simply didn't have the time and
energy for a puppy.  Being young and adorable, it didn't take long to find her a new home
where her new family reports "She is such a sweet girl and makes us all sooo happy".