Offering Support and Training
for You and Your Dog
Ziggy – adopted December 2005
Ziggy is one of several dogs we have rescued from Chicago Anti Cruelty. Because the city
shelter can not refuse to take in any dog, they are very over crowded. At 7 yrs old, the
staff knew Ziggy's chances for adoption were slim. Rather than risk him getting put to
sleep, they called us to come get him. We had a pre-approved applicant that we had meet
Ziggy. She fell in love at their first meeting and Ziggy joined her family the next day. Ziggy
fit in so well, the new owners say it seems like he has lived there his whole life!
Toby — adopted December 2004
Toby was part of an eskie family we were asked to help find
homes for. The owner had bred his mom, Snowball, with his
dad, Buddy, and had him and his brother Ody. Due to a
change in jobs, the owner needed to find a home for all four
of them fast. All the dogs were young and friendly and it didn't
take long. Toby is very happy in his new home where he gets
lots of attention and has Maxie to play with all day long.
Tommy — adopted August 2005
I never was able to understand why Tommy lost his home. It had something to do with
nipping at a child, but we never had any problem with Tommy while he was in rescue. We
found Tommy to be a sweet, soulful dog who just wanted to be loved. He wasn't up for
adoption too long before a wonderful family contacted us about adopting him. Tommy's
new family is as delighted with him as I am sure he is with them.
Trixie – adopted March 2006
Trixie was found wandering the streets of Chicago when she was just a tiny pup. She was
taken in by a family that soon became exasperated by her puppy antics. They called us to
see if we could take Trixie into the rescue program which we did. Trixie interviewed quite a
few people until she finally found the perfect home. She now has a big yard to run in, Kiki
the Schipperke to play with, and 2 kids and a mom and dad to care for her.
Vera - adopted September 2005
Vera was picked up as a stray and brought to a local shelter to wait for her owner to
come get her. No one came to claim her and Vera was not doing well in the shelter
environment, so a very kind person found her a place to stay while we helped look for a
permanent home for her. Vera didn’t have to wait long. She was soon in a new home
with a kind woman who adores her and has nicknamed her Lady Vera.
Whizzer — adopted July 2002
Whizzer is such a good dog it is hard to believe that when his original family split up,
no one wanted him. Within a couple of weeks, the perfect family came along to
adopt Whizzer. In his new home he has 2 kids that flower him with attention. The
kids and Whizzer are active in the 4-H Club, and have won 1st prize in a few
contests - one of which was for the most kisses in 15 seconds!
Winston — adopted June 2004
Winston had been thru a few homes already before we got him into rescue. He
was a remarkably well-behaved, friendly dog who just needed an outlet for his
energy. He turned on the charm during his first interview with a wonderful
family and moved in the following weekend. See July '04 newsletter for details
of Winston's adoption.
Wolfie – adopted September 2005
Wolfie lost his home simply because he got over excited when playing with kids and
dogs. He landed in a local shelter which is where we found him. With no foster space
available, the best we could do for Wolfie was visit him often, keep him brushed and
clean, and put his smiling face on Petfinder. He was seen by a wonderful woman who
adores the breed. After meeting her two resident eskies, the adoption was finalized and
Wolfie went to his new home.
Yukon – adopted May 2006
Yukon lost his home because he had more energy than his family
knew what to do with. He was an easy placement and in no time at
all he was in his new home. Here he is kept busy swimming and
fishing which wears him out enough that his new owners report “he
is a treat to have”.
Zoe — adopted April 2002
Zoe was picked up as a stray and taken to a very overcrowded shelter from
which we rescued her. Being the good girl that she was, it didn't take long for
a family to come along to adopt her. In her new home she has a fellow eskie
(Dusty) to run with, and a cuddly human to nap with.