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What is the best dog food to feed?
Trying to figure out what to feed your dog can be
quite challenging.  There are so many choices,
you don't know where to start.  And just when you
think you've got it figured out, you'll hear or read
something that makes you start all over. Plus the
constant recalls of dog food and treats makes the
decision even harder. The bottom line is you
need to find a food that works for you and your
dog, whether it be a raw food diet, homemade
diet, dry food or canned food.  
that is only available by ordering through a distributor.  If you are in their area, the food will be delivered to
your front door at no extra charge which is a real bonus to me.  They have a full line of dog and cat food,
treats and supplements.
If you decide on dry and/or canned food, a quality food will have superior sources of protein which are
whole, fresh meats or single-source meat meal (for  example, chicken meal rather than poultry meal).  The
meat source should be one of the first two ingredients, or, better yet, would be two meat sources among the
top three ingredients (say, chicken and chicken meal).  Be aware that any meats that say whole, contain a lot
of water.  So if a list of ingredients begins with whole chicken, followed by three or more grains and no other
meat proteins, it likely has way more grain than meat.  Meat is the most natural source of protein for dogs, and
contains the amino acids important to their health.  Look for whole, unprocessed grains, vegetables and other
foods.  As a general rule, I recommend rice over corn or wheat.  A quality food will also have added digestive
enzymes and probiotics (such as lactobacillus).  What you want to stay away from is meat by-products, animal
fat, sweeteners, and artificial preservatives and colors.
Premium brand dog foods.
Here are just a few of the dry dog foods that are on the Whole Dog Journal's list of top quality foods.  Most of
Blue Buffalo             
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
Eagle Pack
Nature's Variety
Nutro Ultra
If you decide on a raw food diet for your dog, be sure to do the research.   
Wolf Creek Ranch, is an excellent website that can give you more information
much involved in knowing how to read the labels on the prepared diets as all
the ingredients will be whole foods with no chemical additives.
Let's talk about those recalls. The constant recalls of pet foods and treats
certainly cause a lot of panic and scare some people away from buying any
manufactured dog food.  But it isn't the premium brands that have the tainted
ingredients, it is the lower quality foods manufactured at plants that buy from
questionable sources. I firmly believe the reputable dog food companies have
high standards and good testing of their products and the foods they produce
are safe for our dogs.  
How do you decide between raw food or cooked?  I hear arguments for
both sides.  The pro for feeding your dog raw meat and vegetables is that the
raw food is a more natural diet and therefore more nutritious.  However, the
cons are many: there is the possibility of you and/or your dog becoming ill from
the bacteria and chemicals that are not killed off by cooking the food. The
prepared frozen raw food is rather pricey.  And although it may be less
expensive to make yourself, you need to know what you are doing and add all
the right vitamins and minerals. My opinion is unless your dog needs the extra
boost a raw food diet might provide, there is no need to feed raw.