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Whether you call this trick “Beg” or “Sit Pretty” it is an adorable favorite. Start with your dog sitting in front of you. Show her a treat, and raise it above her nose until she lifts her front paws slightly off the floor. Click or praise and give the treat. Gradually lure higher, until she rises up and balances on her haunches. After she gets the hang of this, make the same upward motion with your hand without holding treats. This hand signal becomes the cue. When your pup follows it, give a treat or praise reward. This trick is good for strengthening your dog’s back, abdomen and legs, but too many repetitions can overstress those same muscles. Have fun, but be careful not to overdo it.

Here's the link to a video showing someone working on adding duration to the amount of time their dog can hold their balance in the sitting up position.


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